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Who's Who

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Senior Leadership Team 

Janice George - Headteacher, DSL

Marisa Etienne-Barnett – Acting Deputy Headteacher, deputy DSL (EY & KS1 lead and French lead)

Jan Finisterre-Martin - Maths Lead

Ian Jenkins - Senior Leader (Curriculum & RE Lead)


 Teaching Staff 

SENCo:  Jacqueline Thompson (Monday-Wednesday)

Nursery: Devicka Chauhan

Reception: Daniela Davey, Venus Guy 

Year 1: Majid Ghorbanian 

Year 2: Catherine Anunobi, Ije Nwaneri

Year 3: Patrick Haddon (Science Lead), Dilan Ergal (Music Lead)

Year 4: Pernella Davis (PSHE Lead) 

Year 5: Ian Jenkins (RE Lead), Liam Lannen (Computing Lead & PE Lead)

Year 6: Jan Finisterre (Maths Lead), Pav Phull (History & Geography Lead)



Support Staff 

Learning Mentor & deputy DSL:  Maria Pires

Accelerated Reader and Library Assistant: Debbie Frewer

Speech and Language Assistant:  Roisin Sullivan

Special Needs Intervention and Nurture Group Teaching Assistant:  Karen Todd

Nursery Teaching Assistants: Barbara Watson, Joaquina Alvares

Reception Teaching Assistants: Adene Williams, Vera Krasniqi

Year 1 Teaching Assistant: Arzu Hussain; Gina Coumanides

Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Abubaker Sheikh

Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Ella Alakija

Year 4 Teaching Assistant: Dilan Hirli       

Year 5 Teaching Assistant: Rukiye Ozsoy     

Year 6 Teaching Assistant: Debbie Frewer

Special Needs Assistants: Linda Walden, Toha Gboho, Tanicha McKnight, Luisa Mercado


Office and Site Staff 

School Business Manager: Claudia Walsh

Administrative Assistant: Ayesha Mahmood

Finance Officer: Farida Ahmed

Site Manager: Peter Ebenezer

Cleaners: Eleocadia Santana, Leontina Da Silva, Yisel Arias Cuevas


Lunchtime Supervisors

Leontina Da Silva

Maria Da Silva

Marion Knivett