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Science at Bruce Grove Primary


At Bruce Grove Primary, Science lessons are practically focused with scientific enquiry at the heart of teaching. Questions to investigate are formulated, either by the children or the teacher, and then children carry out these investigations in groups or individually. This ensures all children are participating and learning through exploration, which enriches the learning process and helps make learning stick. The teacher is required to ensure that investigations are kept unbiased by observing each group and prompting them with questions or suggestions. Children are then shown how to record part of their investigations, such as writing a prediction, making a table for results, or formulating a conclusion.

We broadly follow the ‘Switched On’ scheme of work for Science but are not bound by it. All teachers use visuals aids to support children’s understanding of key concepts, which enables them to confidently use scientific vocabulary in the correct context and increases their understanding of the world around them.


Science Curriculum overview



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Year 1

Who am I?


Wonderful Weather

Polar Adventures

Treasure Island


On Safari

On Holiday

Year 2

Move It


Healthy Me


Material Monster

Young Gardeners


Mini Worlds


Master Chef


Year 3

What’s that sound?


Earth Rocks


Opposites Attract

Food and Our Bodies

Mirror Mirror

We are Astronauts

Year 4

Looking at States

Teeth and Eating


Power it up


Living Things


How does your garden grow?


Brilliant Bubbles


Year 5

Power it up




Living Things




Let’s Get Moving


Out of this World


Material World


Circle of Life


Growing Up and Growing Old


Year 6

We’re Evolving


Staying Alive


Classifying Critters


Let it Shine




We are dinosaur hunters