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Hello Morning Class Families


I hope you have been enjoying our story Ahh! Said Stork.


I have a memory game to for you to play.


Look at the pictures and see which animal goes missing. Shout it out when you think you know. Did you get it right?


Have fun.

Look at all the animals, which one goes missing?

Hi everyone, here's a fun game for you.


What Am I Doing?


You will need a partner to play this game - maybe Mum or Dad, maybe your brother or sister or someone else who is looking after you.


Sit opposite your partner and don't let them see the screen.


Spin the wheel - it will give you an action to do. DON'T SAY WHAT IT IS!


Do the action and see if your partner can work out what you are doing.


Take it in turn to have a go.


(Grown ups - you can extend the activity by getting your child to confirm what the were doing using a whole sentence eg. 'The boy, is sleeping, in the bed'.)

spin the wheel, click the link below

Hello Morning Class Families


We have a new book this week.


'Ahh Said Stork' by Gerald Rose.


This book is about an egg - and how many different animals try to open it.


It has lots of VERBS in it. Verbs are DOING words. ACTION words.


Here is a video of the story. Try and join in with the actions.


Have fun.

Ahhh! Said Stork

"Ahhh!" Said Stork. Stories for children at home.

Stork finds an egg beside the river. It looks tasty so he pecks it! It will not break! So other animals try: the hippo couldn't break it, the lion bit it and...

Do you like playing with Lego?


Let's see what you can build


Send me some pictures yes

Lego Challenge

Hi Morning Class


A little leopard called Lola has been hiding in my room, can you find her?

Where is Lola?

Hi everyone 


I decided to keep this story for another week as some of us have only just joined the Morning Class online.

In this activity I would like you to look at the picture, think about where the hen or fox is and put yourself in the same place. If the hen is 'under' you can put yourself - under the table, or under the chair, under the washing line or under the tree.

What can you find to go 'through'?

What can you find to hide behind?

Be carful when you are 'on' something - remember to keep your feet on the floor.

Remember to say where you are.


Have fun


I hope you have been enjoying our story.


I thought you could pretend to be the hen or the fox. Here are some masks you can print up or copy and then cut out.


Send me a picture - I'd love to see them


Here's a nice activity you might like to try at home.

All sorts of things you can do with playdough. If you don't have any playdough don't worry you can make some, I have included the recipe. 

Take a photo and show me what you made. 


Have fun


Playdough and activities

Hello Morning Class families.


We are on the second week of our book; Rosie's Walk, are you enjoying it?


I am adding some more activities you might like to do.


There's a 'Where...?' activity - you need to think about where the girl, cat or mouse is. Try and answer in a sentence

"The girl is under the table"

"The cat is in the bag"

"The mouse is on the chair"

Maybe you could find different places to put your teddy or your car or even yourself!





Hello Morning Class Families


I hope you have been enjoying the our book this week. Here's some activities for the weekend.


Take your teddies on a walk around your home

Where did your teddies go?


Did anything funny happen to your teddies on the way?


Play hide and seek with your family, where was the best hiding place?


If you go to the park, talk about your walk there, try to have an adventure just like Rosie. Try not to have as many accidents as the fox!


I would love to hear what you do.

Rosie's Walk; read it by yourself or with a grown up. Remember to read the picture too!

Rosie's Walk- Bedtime Stories with Fi

Think of all the places Rosie goes on her walk, up, over, under, around, through.

Hello Morning Class families

Our story for the next two weeks is 'Rosie's Walk' 

Please watch the story on YouTube and read the story using the pictures.

Hello Morning Class Families

Please Follow the link and log into Google Classroom, it will look like the picture below.

Hello Morning Class families.


Here are some helpful strategies for you to think about and use at home.

Design a pair of socks

Strategies to encourage good communication