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How to Pay Online


How can I pay for my child’s school dinners/clubs/trips, etc?


You can log in using SchoolMoney or pay using the unique barcode given to you at any cashier that accepts PayPoint. You can locate a Store Retailer on PayPoint. 


Please wait 24 hours for the balance to show up on your child's account.

If you have paid already but are receiving messages/phone calls in regards to payment, this is why.



How do I log in?


You will require:


  • Your mobile number
  • Your email
  • Your password
  • Your child’s first name

You can request a password reminder from the School Office. You will be sent an email and a text message with your password.


The login page will look like this:



Please make sure that you are not entering a space after your child's name as the system will register this as an extra character and will tell you that it is incorrect.


For example:

Make sure the cursor is behind the last letter and not leaving a space after.


I am not able to log in


Please double check that the phone number and email entered are the correct ones – it may be your partner’s details if they were entered as your child’s first emergency contact. Please also make sure that the password is entered exactly as given. If all else fails, please contact the School Office.


I cannot see the option for breakfast club


Most likely, your child will just need to be added to the system. For Breakfast Club, you will need to fill out a form. Please call the School Office and ask to be added to the system. 

Parent Login Guide

Request For Password Reminder

Please enter your child's name, phone number and up to date email address in the 'message' box please.