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Intermediate & Advanced (+ Parents)

Welcome to our EAL page for Intermediate & Advanced level learners.

This page is for those children and parents who would like to seriously improve their English Language skills. The links below are based on specific levels of English acquisition as set out in the CEFR - The Common European Framework of Reference - and range from Beginner level to Advanced.


CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference

Levels of English Acquisition

A     Basic User

A1    Breakthrough – Elementary level of ability
A2    Waystage – Pre-intermediate level of ability 

B     Intermediate User

B1    Threshold – Lower intermediate level
B2    Vantage – Upper-intermediate level 

C     Proficient User

C1    Effective Operational Proficiency – Advanced level
C2    Mastery – Complete proficiency in the language.


The activities may be based on a particular text book sold by Cambridge or Oxford. Do not worry - the exercises are still excellent for General English learning and are easy to follow. (There is no need to buy any books unless you are attending a college and are following the book in class.) 


For those parents who would like their children to take the Cambridge Exams* privately, the Cambridge website has all the information and there are also links to exam preparation activities below. *Please note: Bruce Grove Primary does NOT offer this option - families can choose to do this privately.


Beginner & Elementary


Pre-intermediate & Intermediate




ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) - Adults


Cambridge English Resources


Cambridge Exam Preparation




Oxford Learners Dictionaries


Language Terminology - Glossary

For parents and children who want to seriously improve their level of English, and have a good understanding of how grammar works in their own language:



Details of the 'Can Do' statements for each level of the CEFR:


Enjoy! laugh