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School Journey to Pendarren, Wales, June 12-16 2023

Day 1

What a fantastic experience today!!! We took part in building our own shelters in mini teams;  we  lit  a fire without matches; discovered wild food, and roasted apples and sugar on the camp fire,. 


Day 2

After a good night's sleep, the activity steps up and we are canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling today.  The children canoed on the canal with qualified instructors. Using double canoes, they learnt to paddle correctly and change direction. 

Pendarren House  has a 12 metre high climbing and abseiling tower. The children had the opportunity to rock climb and abseil. 


Day 3

After breakfast, the children are off to the coast, visiting the beautiful Gower Peninsula.  They will be travelling by mini bus enjoying the lovely views of the South Wales countryside along the way.

Update: They walked from Langland to Caswell Bay along the coastal path; ate their packed lunch; then in the afternoon, went to catch some sea creatures from the rock pools.


Day 4

Today the children will be doing a river study. They will be looking at the river source then following its journey down the countryside till it goes underground. With special hard hats and clothing they will follow the river too! Part of the river study includes caving.


Day 5

After an early night, the children have packed, dressed and breakfasted before their final activity: Mountain Walk. After lunch, they will begin their journey back to Bruce Grove. They certainly have had an action filled, fun packed experience to be sure!