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R1 - London Zoo


Teacher:  Venus Guy

Teaching Assistant: Adene Williams



Welcome back!




         We hope you have all had an amazing summer break. We are so thrilled to be back in class 

and ready to learn! This page will show you all of the exciting activities we will be getting up to this

year and the amazing work we will be creating.

This year R1 is named after  London Zoo. We will be learning about the different animals and exploring their habitats. We will also be reading a range of stories and developing our vocabulary through exciting texts.

 If you do not want to miss out, please check 

our class page ! 


Literacy homework activity 25.1.24

This week we have been learning about which animals hibernate and have read the story 'Don't Hog the Hedge'. Can you listen to the story at home and then answer these questions with your adult? The link for the story is underneath the questions below.


1. What type of animal is Hattie?

2. Where does Hattie the Hedgehog decide to hibernate at the beginning of the story?

3. Can you name some of the other animals that wanted to sleep in the hedge too?

4. How many dormice were in the story?

5. Which season did the animals hibernate in?

6. Why was Billy the Bat sad?

7. Why did the animals sleep in the cave at the end of the story?

The Reading Zoo

Welcome to our reading zoo! 

In Reception we love reading and want the children to have their own love for reading. We have a range of books that the children enjoy  and some vocabulary to help them extend their thinking.   

Week 1- How are you feeling today?

Understanding children's emotions is critical to understanding their behaviour. In Reception the children have been exploring their new environment and learning to communicate with their peers. Early years children can feel a range of emotions throughout the day, but can often struggle to express how they may be feeling. We have created a feelings chart to help support their emotions and allow us to address their needs. The children are able to move their photos throughout the day.  

Number formation


This week the children have been learning about number recognition. Some of the children used the bendy sticks to form numbers independently. They really enjoy using the resources around the classroom to continue their learning. 

All About Me!


All About Me is our topic this term. This topic helps the children to develop their confidence and encourages them to share their thoughts. The children explore their dislikes and likes, features and shows them that these differences should be celebrated. It also helps the children to discover their classmates and what makes them unique. Reception had a go making their faces on biscuits. They tasted DELICIOUS !


Everyone is special in their own way! 





Let's Celebrate !

This term our topic is 'Lets Celebrate'. We have been reading stories that revolve around celebrations and making links to our experiences. This week we have looked at the book called 'SO MUCH'. It follows the story of a baby and mum at home 'not doing anything much'. The doorbell keeps ringing and a range of relatives come to join the celebration. They are planning a surprise for daddy's birthday.

Reception really enjoy this story and love to read the story with an adult. They look forward to being introduced to a new character and enjoy reading along. This story links in well with our topic as we explore the idea of celebrating birthdays and what it means to us. Everyone's birthday is special and can be celebrated in different ways.

Happy Diwali !

This week the children have been learning about Diwali. Diwali represents the festival of lights and is India's biggest celebration of the year. During Diwali people decorate their homes with rangoli, exchange gifts, wear new clothes, spend time with family and pray.

The children really enjoyed learning about Diwali and linking this celebration to their own experiences.


We made rangoli patterns using beads, drew mehndi patterns ,made lanterns  and even tasted some delicious tomato chutney with crunchy bread. 

 Week Beginning 27/11/23 -

Literacy- This week we will be learning about Thanksgiving . This is the celebration of harvest festivals and the blessings of the past year. We will be talking about the Thanksgiving story about the Pilgrims. The children will also be creating their own Thanksgiving meals.


Numeracy- This week we have been learning about one more than a given number. One more than 4 is 5. 


Week Beginning 4/12/23


Literacy - We will be learning about the Christmas story of baby Jesus. 

We will be role playing the story and thinking this to other celebrations we have learned this term. 





My Monster and Me

We have been reading the story called 'My Monster and Me ' . It follows the story of a young boy who appears to have a monster that just won't leave him alone. This worry monster starts to control him and begins telling him what to do. Once the boy speaks to his grandmother he realises that his worry monster gets smaller and smaller. He then feels like he is in control of his feelings.  


Reception have created a fantastic display sharing some of their art work and writing inspired by the story.  

Spring Curriculum Leaflet

Welcome to Class R1