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Nursery - Big Ben

Welcome to Nursery

Teacher: Ms Devicka Chauhan

Early Years Practitioner: TBC


This year each class has been named after landmarks. Nursery is Big Ben class this year. 

Facts about Big Ben:

1. It has helped keep London on time for 157 years.

2. It is 96m tall.

3. It was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in 2012.

4. The huge bell inside the tower is called Big Ben.

5. Big Ben is the largest four facing clock tower in the world!

Spring is Here!

The children have been drawing daffodils and tulips. They observed them closely, using pastels, felt tips, crayons and watercolours to draw  and paint these beautiful pictures.

We found some boxes!

The children were keen to join two then boxes together and then their imagination ran wild. It became the house of the three pigs and then a den. The children renacted familiar stories and experiences. They had a lot of fun!


We have been reading lots of stories in Nursery. We love sharing books with our friends and teachers too!

Bears made with natural materials

Happy new year to you all! Our topic this term is 'Let's explore the world around us! 'We have been reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt!' by Michael Rosen. The children have loved joining in when I read this story to them. You can watch it here: 

Some of our Nursery activities this year.

The children have been working together to build a model Big Ben from the construction set. 

Look at our drawings of Big Ben!

Looking for minibeasts!

The children have been using the magnifying glasses to look at the minibeasts. They found spiders, snails, slugs, woodlice and a dead bee! They liked looking closely at the patterns, legs and wings.

As part of Black History Month, Nursery have been enjoying hearing Anansi Folktales. Did you know Anansi tales originate from the West Africa, but the most well-known ones are from Ghana? Anansi means ‘spider’ in Akan which is spoken by many Ghanaians.

Anansi stories often have a hidden message and so far we have enjoyed listening to ‘Anansi and the Turtle. We made our very own Anansi spiders used brightly coloured paper. 

Welcome to all the children who have started in Nursery. They have been very busy!