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3D- Cutty Sark Class

Teacher - Miss Davis 

T.A. - Miss Dilan H.

Our class is named after Cutty Sark, which is the world’s last surviving tea clipper (a very fast sailing ship).  She was a cargo ship, built in 1869 to bring back tea from China.  She was famous for her speed and shape.

In 1953 Cutty Sark was given to the Cutty Sark Preservation Society and in 1954 she was moved to a custom-built dry dock at Greenwich. She was stripped of upper masts, yards, deck-houses and ballast to lighten her before being towed from the East India Import Dock to the special dry dock at Greenwich.




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Cutty Sark Art

Science - Learning how igneous rocks are formed.

PE - In Orienteering we've learnt how to set a map and navigate cones.

Science - Investigating Rocks

Music - Learning the Glockenspiel with Mr Owen.

Cycle Training - Some of us developed our skills riding a bike.