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Pendarren October 2023

Day 1

The children arrived at midday.  The journey was smooth with very little traffic.  The weather was part cloudy but dry.  After lunch, they went mountain walking.  


Day 2

The children spent the morning canoeing and had a great time.  Some got a little bit wet...

In the afternoon, rock climbing, abseiling and zip lining was on the agenda.  They are looking forward to a rest!  Before bed, they enjoyed a story telling session with a local writer.  They had a very good night's sleep.


Day 3

River Study

Today, the children followed the course of a river from it's source until it went underground.  They put on hard hats with lights and went into the dark and scary cave.  Exciting stuff!  This evening they will be writing postcards and visiting the tuck shop.  


Day 4

Today the children will be travelling  by mini bus to visit St Fagans National History Museum.  They will be finding out about life in Wales over time, from the Iron Age to the 20th Century.  Everyone is sleeping well and having a good time.  The Pendarren staff are very impressed with the children's behaviour and attitudes. 


Day 5

The final day.  The children have loved their stay and want to stay longer!  This morning they will be taking part in bushcraft.  This involves using nature to build shelters.  They will also be shown how to make fire.  We are expecting them back later this afternoon.  Safe travels.