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R1 - Waddell Class

Welcome to Class R1


Teacher: Ms Etienne-Barnett

Teaching Assistant: Adene Williams


This year class R1 is named after the author Martin Waddell. Over the term we will be learning about our chosen author. We will be doing lots of exciting things so please remember to check your class page!



Martin Waddell (born 10 April 1941) is an Irish writer of children's books. He may be known best for the texts of picture books that feature anthropomorphic animals, especially the 'Little Bear' series illustrated by Barbara Firth.



Class R1 will be doing a class display on 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell.




Owl Babies is a 1992 book by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson. It is about three owlets that wake up one night to find their mother gone, worry about her absence, but are then elated when she inevitably returns from her night flight. 



Diwali cards

Painting and making rangoli patterns for Diwali.

We have been reading  books by our class author Martin Waddell. Our favourites are Pig in the Pond and Farmer Duck.

You can watch them here:


Look at our beautiful pig drawings!

We have been very busy!

Funny faces using a variety of materials.


Leaf rubbings

Max at Night

We have been learning about Max At Night by Ed Vere, a positively adorable  story about a sweet little kitten named Max who wants to say goodnight to his friend, the moon. 

What did Max do before he went to bed? What was Max looking for? When do you see the moon? Morning or nighttime? What did Max do to try and find the moon?

We made Planet biscuits

We have been learning about space

We have been focusing on the book 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon. This is a tale about an alien that becomes stranded on earth when his spaceship suddenly breaks down. The story is all about Beegus search for friendship on earth and the struggles that he faces when doing so...

We have been talking about how we can keep ourselves healthy and why it is important. We used our favourite fruits, then we made and tasted our very own smoothies!

World Book Day 2022

The children worked collaboratively to make a pot of some delicious soup using a variety of  vegetables. The children help cut and mix the different vegetables, as well as stirring and tasting the finished piece

Curriculum Leaflet Summer

We have been reading the story Little Red Riding Hood. What can we learn from Little Red Riding Hood? The Moral of Little Red Riding Hood is that you must never trust strangers. Even a very friendly stranger may have very bad intentions. Red Riding Hood promises to obey her mother but breaks both promises when she meets the wolf. So, this story also brings out the importance of obeying your parents.

Friday morning reading session with parents

Even though schools teach children how to read, parents still have an important role to play. Research shows that parents who get involved in their child’s education make a big difference to how well their children do. Parents can help their child with reading by showing how important it is and by finding ways to help their children enjoy reading.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

2022 marks the 70th year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming the Queen of the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Commonwealth, the first British monarch to reach this milestone.

Throughout the year, there will be numerous celebrations to mark this momentous occasion. There will be a special Bank Holiday weekend from 2nd June – 5th June to mark the occasion, and this is when the majority of events will happen.

 Reception thoroughly enjoyed taking a picture with the Queen .

As part of our growing topic, children have been planting cress seeds.  Throughout the week, we shall be observing how the cress changes and grows over time.  Children will be keeping a class cress diary to note down any changes they can see.

The children enjoyed exploring the life cycle of a frog and discovering fantastic froggy facts. We learnt that frogs drink through their skin and that their ears are behind their eyes. The whole class took part in creating the life cycle of a frog from frogspawn, to tadpole, to froglet and finally to a frog.