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6F - Miriam Makeba

Welcome to 6F


Teacher: Mrs J Finisterre-Martin

Teaching Assistant: Mr J Beecroft


This year all of our classes are named after musicians. We are Miriam Makeba class. Our Topic teams are named after some of her songs, which we thoroughly enjoyed listening to. Our favourites are Pata Pata and the Click Song. 


The children spent the first 8 days researching about Makeba; her childhood, education, musical career, awards and achievements.  They wrote biographies, sketched and painted portraits of her, using water colours. Have a look at some of their work on display inside and outside the classroom.




This week we have been linking Destination Reader with Black History Month.  We have learnt a lot about how powerful women, who rebelled against the world, made the biggest change in the world that we live in today. Here are some slides that reflect our learning.


In Art we have been looking at Cave Paintings.  During the Stone Age period they did not know how to read and write and so did not write down anything.  Instead they drew images of their daily life, events that occurred and these told a story.  The children have created some wonderful pictures of cave paintings based on their knowledge and research.  They used sandpaper to create a stone/gritty effect with a rough texture as well as, using charcoal and chalk for colour.  At the same time they were thinking of size, overlapping shapes and light and dark shades.

The class have worked well and fit nicely into our reading corner.

Recommended Reading List for Year 6