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Welcome to 4S

Recommended Reading List for Year 4

4S Autumn Termly Leaflet

4S Spring Termly Letter


Please support your child in the following:

  • Reading every night & completing accelerated reader quizzes as often as possible
  • Completing weekly home learning, due in every Wednesday 
  • Completing weekly MyMaths homework (link above), by the end of each Monday
  • Learning weekly spellings, to be tested every Friday
  • Learning times tables up to 12x12 (link above)


Welcome to Victoria Class!

We are off to a good start - the children have settled well!


This year, each class is named after the underground stations on the Victoria Line.

4S is named after Victoria Station, the second busiest station in London, after Waterloo!

We have been learning that Victoria is a busy hub for all types of transport, including the underground tubes, overground trains, buses, coaches and taxis!

Victoria Rail also provides quick and easy transport to useful destinations such as Gatwick Airport, Dover Ferry Port and Brighton beach!

We hope to visit the station at some point this year.

Take a look at our display below!

Black History Month

This month is Black History Month!
We started off the month with a bang! Our favourite storyteller, Alim Kamara, came back to visit us!

Take a look at the pictures below!


Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, we visited Bruce Castle Museum to learn about Black Georgians & Portraiture.

We then had a go at making our own portraits using oil pastels!

Take a look at the pictures below!


As part of Black History Month, we played Mancala! Mancala is one of the oldest known board games, played with pieces / stones / rocks, that is still played widely today!

Do you know how to play?

The children thoroughly enjoyed playing this game of strategy!

Take a look at the pictures below...

The Benin Empire - The Pupils Become the Teachers

During BHM, we have been learning about the Benin Empire! 

In groups, we researched an aspect of Benin life, before planning a PowerPoint presentation to teach the rest of the class!

In ICT, we are learning how to use PowerPoint.

We hope to present to the class at the end of the term!

Take a look at the pictures below!

The Anglo-Saxons

As part of our Anglo-Saxons unit of work, we visited the British Library!

We saw lots of artefacts from over 1000 years ago!

Because they're so old, they're very delicate, so we were not allowed to take photos.

However, we took a few in the foyer to show how much we enjoyed our day!

Take a look below!

How the Anglo-Saxons ended up in Britain

We re-enacted the story of how the Anglo-Saxons ended up arriving in Britain!

Hengist and Horsa, from Jutland, were beckoned by the English King to help defend his country, however they had other ideas in mind...

Take a look at the pictures below! 

4S Discover a Ship Burial at Sutton Hoo!


4S discovered a ship that was buried under Edith Pretty's land at Sutton Hoo.

We all looked at the evidence to find out who must have been buried there with all their treasures!

Take a look at the pictures below...

History & Homework

Below, are the wonderful ships the children in 4S made at home,

after learning about the Sutton Hoo ship burial of the Anglo-Saxon King.

They are amazing!

Take a look at the pictures below...

History & D&T (Wood Work)

In class, we made Anglo-Saxon chariots using wood! 

Take a look at the pictures below...

Picture 1 Anglo-Saxon Chariots
Picture 2 Anglo-Saxon Chariots
Picture 3 Anglo-Saxon Chariots

History & Art (Papier Mache)

We also made Anglo Saxon shields with Papier Mache!

It got a little messy!

Take a look at the pictures below... 

World War One Centenary

In the lead up to Remembrance Sunday, 4S have been learning about WW1.

This year, it'll be a century (one hundred years) since the Great War ended.

We learnt all about Reginald Cooper, a child during the war.

He had to go to work to help with the war effort, since most men were sent to battle.

We did our own research and presented it to the class.

Take a look at the pictures below!

World War One Centenary

We also learnt about schools during WW1.

Some children would go to work in the morning and then attend school in the afternoon.

We researched the similarities and differences between schools then and now and created role plays!

Take a look at the pictures below!

4S Step into the Poem - At the End of the School Day by Wes Magee

One hot Summer's afternoon, the children in 4S grew tired and restless.

Hometime! The children burst out of the doors feeling elated, euphoric, relieved and free!

Suddenly, they skid to a stop. They see something on the ground... What is it?


Poetry & ICT

4S wrote their own versions of the poem.

Then they used ICT to explore how font style & size, spacing and highlighting can add to the meaning of their verses!

Take a look below...

Picture 1 Typing up our Poems
Picture 2 Typing up our Poems
Picture 3 Typing up our Poems

Science - States of Matter

We have been learning all about states of matter.

After completing an evaporation investigation and a condensation experiment, we carried out a boiling investigation!

We were trying to find out what happens to water when you heat it.

To cook some potatoes, should we leave the heat high or turn it down once it starts boiling?

What do you think?

Picture 1 Boiling Water
Picture 2 Boiling Water

Melting Investigation

On a hot Summer's day, most of us enjoy a refreshing icy drink, but what happens to icy water over time?

We did an experiment to find out!

Picture 1 Melting Experiment
Picture 2 Melting Experiment
Picture 3 Melting Experiment

PE - Dance

Do you know the Hindu festival of Diwali? Have you heard the story of Rama and Sita?

Rama and Sita were a Prince and Princess, who were banished to the forest for 14 years by Rama's evil stepmother.

Can you make a connection?

Ravana, the ten-headed demon, kidnapped Sita, so Rama, with the help of Hanuman, the monkey warrior, rescued her!

This is the story which inspired our dance!

Take a look at the pictures below...

Enterprise Week!

This week has been Enterprise week.

Every class had to decide on some kind of food or drink to make and sell.

Our budget was £17.

Step 1: Decide on what to make - We decided to make and sell doughnuts!


Step 2: Budgeting - We needed to find the best place to shop for our ingredients.
Step 3: Marketing - Our marketing team designed posters, designed a uniform for our staff and created a jingle to help sell our product, whilst our budgeting team worked out how to price our product!
Step 4: Pitching Ideas - Each team, pitched their ideas to Alim Kamara, as well as the rest of our company to check everyone agreed.
Step 5: Test Batch - We had to make a test batch of doughnuts for quality assurance purposes!
Step 6: Making - We enjoyed making the doughnuts! We made sure we washed our hands!
Step 7: Selling - We had made our posters, uniforms and product, and our singers and dancers were ready! Time to sell! 
Step 8: Profits - It was a roaring success! We made £116! Now we just need to decide what we should spend it on!


We have been making Christmas decorations, using our sewing skills!

Take a look at the pictures below!


We baked some cakes for our Class Christmas Party!

Picture 1 Chocolate Cake - Yummy!