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4H- Emeli Sande

Hope you are all well 4H and keeping safe.  


Below are the reminder links for your home learning well as, the work schedule for this week.  

Remember to use your Google Classroom to communicate with me and I will put up some 'fun activities' up there too.

Work Schedule 13.07.20 Week 12 Summer Term 2

Work Schedule 06.07.2020 (Summer Term 2 - Week 11)

Work Schedule 29.06.20 (Summer Term 2 - week 10)

Work Schedule 22.06.20 (Summer Term 2 - Week 9)

Work Schedule 15.06.20 (Summer 2 Week 8)

Work Schedule 08.06.20 (Summer Term 2- Week 7)

Work Schedule 01.06.20 (Summer Term 2 Week 6)

Work Schedule Summer Term 1 - Week 5 18.05.20

Work Schedule 11.05.20 (Summer 1 - Week 4)

Welcome to 4H

Teacher: Ms Haidar       TA: Rukiye Rukiye


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Our class is called Sande after Emeli Sande who is a songwriter, singer and composer.  She was born in Scotland in 1987 to a Zambian father and English mother.  At 11 years old she wrote a song that was part of her leavers song at Primary School.  From then, her music career hit off- she even gave up going to Medical school as by the age of 16 she has won her first award.  She sold over 130 millions albums and by the time she reached 25 years old she had for 4 awards.

Here are some of the work that the children created using different medians to recreate one of her album covers.



Our Display on Emeli Sande: Read All About It!

Solids Liquids and Gases - Changes of State


We are learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases and how the process occurs in our everyday life.  We have carried out an experiment which is to be observed over four days. We are investigating how and where water evaporates? We also will be discussing why this process occurs.  

Thinking Questions: Why do our clothes dry faster outside on a washing line?

                                    Where do the puddles go?

The children were given a homework project to do over the term-They had to create Anglo Saxon Homes. Here are some of them. You can see how much effort and detail have been put in.  Well Done 4H.

Would you like to live in one of these homes? What materials have been used to create the home?

Recommended Reading List for Year 4

Week 23.03.20 Schedule

Work Schedule 30.03.2020

Work Schedule 20.04.20

4H work schedule wb 27-04-2020


Please support your child in the following:

  • Reading every night & completing accelerated reader quizzes as often as possible
  • Completing weekly home learning, due in every Wednesday 
  • Completing weekly MyMaths homework (link above), by the end of each Monday
  • Learning weekly spellings, to be tested every Friday
  • Learning times tables up to 12x12 (link above)


Science - States of Matter

We have been learning all about states of matter.

After completing an evaporation investigation and a condensation experiment, we carried out a boiling investigation!

We were trying to find out what happens to water when you heat it.

To cook some potatoes, should we leave the heat high or turn it down once it starts boiling?

What do you think?