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4D- Cowell Class

Teacher - Miss Davis / Miss Sideri

Our class is named after Cressida Cowell, who is an award winning children's author of book such as How to Train a Dragon, Wizard Once and Emily Brown Books.


To start us off, here are some sources to help you learn about our class author.


Reading of How to Train Your Dragon:




Have you read any of Cressida Cowell's book? Which would you like to read?

Many of Cowell's books have dragons and Vikings. The children have researched both topics and used this to create quizzes, design and make dragons and describe them using adjectives. Children, here is a challenge: ask your adults at home one of your quiz questions or share one of your facts.

Recommended Reading List for Year 4

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Our class display inspired by Cressida Cowell's book How to Train Your Dragon.

We are excited to be learning how to play instruments, the clarinet or trumpet, with Joe and Jess.

Science- Learning about the affect of forces using a parachute.

Science - Building Lego cars and investigating how they move on different surfaces.

Black History Month started with African drumming.

States of Matter

Developing our Hockey Skills

Photography Workshop - Taking Self Portraits (Selfies) We learnt about the equipment needed and the effects of the different lighting used.