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2E - Browne Class

Welcome to 2E 


Teacher: Miss Ergal 

   Teaching assistant: Nimisha Khetani


Our class name this year is after the famous British author and illustrator - Anthony Browne.

Anthony Browne is a British writer and illustrator of children's picture books. He has written some famous books such as ‘Gorilla’, ‘Voices in the Park’, and ‘The Tunnel’. Browne won two Kate Greenaway Medals from the Library Association, recognising the year's best children's book illustration. His favourite book is ‘Gorilla’ because it was the first book he published.


He was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, in 11 September 1946.

Curriculum leaflet

We explored the Wildlife Garden! What do you think we saw?

We explored and played with different types of instruments. We learned new words such as rhythm, string instrument and xylophone.

In Geometry, we learned how to make 2D shapes using decimetre sticks.

Our Class Display

Black History Month - the children had lots of fun learning about the importance of drums in the African culture and learned how to play it.

Black History Month

Still image for this video
The children learned how to play the African drums.

Black History Month

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Science - How long does it take for our mice to fall?

Black History Month - the children learned how to play the African game Mancala. The word Mancala means 'to move'.

Science - What surface is best to play with cars on?

For Computing this week, the children learned how a barcode, barcode scanner and till work together to make our lives easier.

Maths - measuring in ml. Do you know the difference between capacity and volume?

Computing - presentation on what you can use IT for.

Using a scale to weight different objects around the classroom.

Using different devices to take photographs

Using a UV light to look at the germs on our hands!

Learning to measure different objects

Instructional text - how to make a jam sandwich

Rehearsing for our Christmas Concert

Christmas Dinner

Christmas hoop

Sneeze test - is it better to use my hand or a tissue to block a sneeze?

Computing -algorithm, bug and debug

Digital photography workshop

Science display - materials

Museum of London - Great Fire of London

Science - minibeast hunting

Science - How can we make a cake healthier?

Recommended Reading List for Year 2