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2E - Browne Class

Please login to Google Classroom this week and complete the tasks set. You will find the login details inside your child's homework book. 

Welcome to 2E 


Teacher: Miss Ergal 

   Teaching assistant: Vera Krasniqi  

Our class name this year is after the famous British author and illustrator - Anthony Browne.

Anthony Browne is a British writer and illustrator of children's picture books. He has written some famous books such as ‘Gorilla’, ‘Voices in the Park’, and ‘The Tunnel’. Browne won two Kate Greenaway Medals from the Library Association, recognising the year's best children's book illustration. His favourite book is ‘Gorilla’ because it was the first book he published.


He was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, in 11 September 1946.

Termly Pamphlets :Find out what we will be learning each term - Spring term

Our class display

Black History Month - Alim Kamara

The children learned how to play the mancala - an African game. The word mancala comes from Arabic which means 'to move'.

This week in Science, we made a paper rocket. We discussed what is a good scientific question which we could investigate. We came up with a question and tested out our rockets. We recorded our data to conclude our investigation. Our question was ' Which one will go further, blowing or throwing?' Ask your child to fid out the answer!

This week in Maths, the children learned how to make shapes using decimetre sticks. In pairs, the children had to read the instructions on the board to be able to make the correct 2D shape.

Science - Which surface is best to play with cars on?

English - Robin Hood role- play

Science - Exploring push and pull forces

Our Wildlife Garden - What did we discover?

Our pumpkins!

Art - Henri Matisse portraits

This term, our Science topic is 'Healthy Me'. We looked at the germs on our hands before and after washing our hands using a UV light.

Learning about volume and capacity. What is the difference?

We love reading!

Diwali Workshop

Children in Need

Maths - Mass

Class party

We visited the wildlife garden and dug out some beetroot. We have compared the vegetable with the seeds! We also had a chance to taste it and found it really yummy!

World Book Day

Outdoor Maths - We learned about a compass and directions. We used a chalk and instructions on a paper to find out about the secret message from Spike! Ask your child to find out!

We had lots of fun making Easter nest cakes!

Thank you to Phil for talking to the children about Easter. They really enjoyed it!

Hurdle race

Science - Fruit tasting

St George's Day

Year 2 Science - exploring and categorising utensils


Science - bread tasting

Pyjamarama Day!

Experimenting with clay

Year 2 making courgette and carrot muffins for Science

Making and painting our clay animals

Art & D&T - our class display

We enjoyed listening to our friend read us a story.

Recommended Reading List for Year 2