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Pendarren Year 6 Trip

Pendarren Class of 2018


Monday 4th June 2018 


We have arrived safe and sound. 

This afternoon we have participated in some ice breaker activities, where the children have been getting to know the instructors.


We also had some survival skills training. We made shelters, fires, made popcorn, ate marshmallows and drank hot chocolate.


The children have settled into their rooms and all managed to make their bed. 


We have just had dinner of pizza and jacket potatoes. 


Now we we will have a play in the garden before going to bed. 

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Tuesday 5th June 


The children all slept well last night and woke up at 7:30 to a very loud bell. 


They had had a delicious breakfast of bacon and pancakes with a choice or cereals and toast. 


Today we have had a lovely day at the beach.  We started with a coastal walk; had a swim in the very cold ocean; had a picnic lunch; built sandcastles; played some beach games and then went looking for some creature in the rock pools. 


We have just just had a 99 ice cream cone and are on our way back for an evening of games. 


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Wednesday 6th June 


We have had another fun packed day here at Pendarren.  All of the children went climbing on the climbing wall, canoed on the local canal and had a go on the zip line.


After dinner we were treated to some lovely stories from the author Daniel Morden. 


The children have had a play outside and are now getting ready for bed. 


The week is going very quickly and all of them are having a wonderful time. 



Thursday 7th June 


The children all slept really well last night and woke up at 7:30. We had a nice cooked breakfast before heading out for a day on the river. 


We learnt about how the river is formed and went to look at the source of the river. We then followed it down the mountain and in to the caves. 


The children had lots of fun caving and managed to squeeze through some very small gaps. We then finished the day at the waterfalls.  The children had a splash in the river before heading back. 


Once we returned to Pendarren house the children had a swim in the pool. They are all now getting ready for dinner before a fun packed night of games and a visit to the tuck shop. 


We hope to be back at school by 5:30pm tomorrow, we will text you to let us know our estimated arrival time, once we have set off. 


See you all tomorrow.  I hope you have plenty of washing powder! 

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