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Pendarren Year 6 Trip

Pendarren Class of 2017



Friday 10th June

We are all packed and ready to leave.  We have one more activity to complete before getting the coach home.  Today we will be building shelters and making fires.  We will be better than Bear Grills by the end of it! 

We hope to be home by 5:30pm, we will text you to let you know the exact timings nearer the time.


Thursday pm

Today we went on a lovely coastal walk in the rain, the views were spectacular. 

Once we had arrived at the beach the skies cleared and the sun appeared.  We then had a picnic lunch and went looking for sea creatures in the rock pools.  We found some crabs, shrimp, starfish,  jelly fish and many more creatures of the sea. 

We then went and had a splash in the sea and played a few games before enjoying a delicious ice-cream. 

On our return we had a dip in the pool before dinner.


We have just had fish and chips and jelly and ice cream. 


Tonight we are playing outside, completing a murder mystery and then going to bed for our last night. 


All of the children are really enjoying themselves and are happy to stay for another week, one or two are beginning to miss home. 


Thursday 9th June 2017

All the children slept well and woke to be bell at 7:30am but it was harder to wake them up this morning.

Today we have more liquid sunshine as we prepare for a day at the beach, hopefully the sun will appear and we can play lots of games and have a paddle.


I will update you all later. 


I'm sorry I haven't been able to put up many photos, the internet is very slow and even slower in the rain. 


Wednesday 8th June 2017

We had another great night, all of the children were asleep by 10:30 and stayed asleep until the bell at 7:30am, the teachers from the other schools are very jealous. 

Today we had a great day completing a river study, we followed the river along the mountains, went caving and had a good splash in the waterfall.

Once we returned we went for a swim and have now just had a delicious dinner of pasta bolognaise. 

Tonight we are going to play some games and watch a movie before bed. 

I am so proud of all of the children.  Below are a few comments from the children. 


"During these lovely days, I have been having great experiences by visiting different places," Sevim

"Canoeing has been my favourite activity because I had lots of fun and didn't fall in the water," Gledja

"The food is lovely and the views are breathtaking," Cyani

"I really enjoyed the river study, even though we got muddy, we found vey ancient fossils," Mohammed T

"A fantastic experience at Pendarren it has blown me away!"  Alex,

"I loved rock climbing because it was a once in a life time experience." Shakara

"Even though the rock climbing was really high, I overcame my fears." Samarah

"Rock climbing taught be to trust other more and push my limits." Shanice 

"I am having a great time, I went canoeing and I fell in with 2 others. We also went rock climbing, I finished 2 out of 3 climbs, I'm having a great time."  Isha


Tuesday 7th June 2017

Last night the children were all asleep by 10:30 and slept all the way through until the bell went at 7:30 this morning.

We had a delicious breakfast of cereal, toast, pancakes and bacon for those who wanted it, to prepare us for a fun packed day of activities.


Today the weather has been very kind to us so we had a great time canoeing, climbing and abseiling. All of the children had a go and we have some professional climbers in our groups.


Tonight we have a professional storyteller who is going to share some tales with us and then we will have a play outside until bedtime. Hopefully we will all sleep well again, fingers crossed!


Kayla and the girls wish Ms Frater a happy birthday and had a sing song for you on the minibus earlier we hope you had a good day.


I will add some more pictures later as they take a while to upload.


Monday 6th June 2017

We have arrived safe and sound at Pendarren after a very long journey.  The children were extremely well behaved and only asked us a few million times, "Are we are nearly there yet?"


Once we arrived, the children had some lunch and settled into their rooms.  All the children are happy and have all managed to make their beds, I even recruited a couple of them to help me make my bed. 


In true Welsh style, the skies opened and what we now call the 'liquid sunshine' showed it's face for the remainder of the day.  We went on a very wet and muddy walk along the valleys, the children embraced the weather and even had a little slid on their bottoms. 


We have eaten plenty of dinner, with a delicious pizza and jacket potato with lots of homemade coleslaw and salad, all of the plates were empty. 


The children are currently in their pyjamas watching the movie sing and will be heading to bed shortly. 


I hope for a quiet and settled night, I will let you know how that goes in the morning.  Fingers crossed! 


Have a look at the pictures below, I will add some more when I get a chance.