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Welcome to 6H Class!


Welcome Back to a new Academic Year.

Our Class name is Philip Ridley

The class book we have been reading this term is Kasper in the Glitter.

It is full of adventure and how life is for a boy who has never been allowed to leave his home or the garden gates.


Our reading corner has a lovely creation of that garden in which Kasper spent most of his time in  as well as the

skylight that oversees Kasper's home.






This term we have been studying the Stone Age as well as Evolution. The children have linked their experiences into carrying out investigations as well as, creating lovely pieces of writing as a historian and a scientist.


Antonio has a made a very impressive stone age dwelling for home learning. Well done!

Antonio has a made a very impressive stone age dwelling for home learning.  Well done! 1
Antonio has a made a very impressive stone age dwelling for home learning.  Well done! 2 A good try from Josiah!

A Strange Invasion


A strange Invasion has occurred at Bruce Grove over the last two weeks. The Library of Everything has landed and our school is buzzing.  This week a strange and unusual object was found, in a plant po,t outside our classroom - very strange-how did it get there?                                             

Here are some story cover books that the children have made about this object.


In RE we have been studying: What does it mean to belong to a religion? We have linked this question to Hinduism.

The children have created some snakes and ladders games based on a reflection of what they have learnt.

The Challenge of Year 6


Welcome to the most challenging year but also the year when children blossom academically and become independent learners through hard work and enjoyment for learning. As well as, being a SATs year it's also a time when opportunities arise for having a sleepover for a week in Pendarren in June and after the revision, tests there is always time for fun!



We have started this new year studying Kensuke's Kingdom in English.  It is an adventure book and I hope all children in 6H will take time at home to finish the book.  What was the biggest secret that Michael promised Kensuke?


We have been acknowledging Mental Health Week.  Here is a poem and a poster that the children created.

Ridley class have been busy this Spring Term in studying and investigating Micro-organisms.  They have carried out a series of experiments to see how mould grows over the course of a couple of weeks in different temperatures around the classroom.  



They planned and carried out the experiments as well as, made valid observations.  Enjoy the pictures showing their reaction when they saw how mould grows on bread!


If you want to find out more about micro-organisms then use the following link:



We having been working hard to create our class display on the The Americas.  Here the children have painted and used oil pastels to create an effective landscape of North America. They thought carefully of the geographical features. They have also created postcards to imaginatively write about their experience in that place.


We have also been linking our Destination Reader to our topic this term on The Americas.

Here are some pictures showing 6H's enthusiasm in the Destination Reader session

We have been celebrating World Book Day by showing our pleasure for reading over the course of two weeks.  We enjoyed learning our poems in the Reading Area, at the side of the top playground.  It's a magical, beautiful and peaceful place to be in while, reading and learning our poems for the recital performance. It was just serene watching the children enjoying the silence around them while lying on the soft green grass or sitting on the wooden stools and the throne! It was impressive how much the children remembered to bring their cushions, blankets and shawls to get comfortable! Well done 6H.


Enjoying the Reading Area

Enjoying the Reading Area 1
Enjoying the Reading Area 2
Enjoying the Reading Area 3
Enjoying the Reading Area 4
Enjoying the Reading Area 5
Enjoying the Reading Area 6