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The Storyteller

The Old God Counting Song

The Old God Counting Song

(This is a tricky song but it can be made easier by missing out the last two verses and singing the first two twice; adapt it to your own needs. Note that each verse is written in two sections. The answering phrases in brackets can be sung by a small backing group (possibly the Explorers and Tutankhamen.))

Ra was the sun god, he was praised as the one god in the Nu.
Then Shu made two. (Shu be do do, what about Tefnut?)
Nut was their daughter, brother Geb ruled the waters and the earth,
That’s five to name but a few.

Their children, Seth and Osiris, daughters Nephthys and Isis
Made it nine but things went wrong. (Oh dear!)
Jealous Seth had a feast, chopped his brother to pieces
In the old god counting song.

So daughters Nephthys and Isis, rising up to the crisis,
Stitched their brother back as one. (A stitch in time.)
Though Seth didn’t know that his sisters could sew,
Nor that Osiris and his wife had a son…

Who was the hawk-headed Horus, rising up from the chorus
To avenge his father's wrong. (He’s our hero!)
With Amun, Bes and Hathor, there’s music and laughter
In the old god counting song.

Sekhmet and Ptah were wed,
While Ma’at and Thoth would judge the dead.
Montu was the god of war,
That’s eighteen gone and still there’s more.
Sobek, god of crocodiles would have them snapping in the aisles,
There’s Khepri, Neith and Duamutef,
While Hapy smiled upon the Nile.

Aten, Knum and Re-Harakhte make twenty-six to be exact.
Nekhbet, Mithras, Harmachis,
Rat, Heru and then Sothis.
With many more we could announce,
And quite a few we can’t pronounce,
In the old god counting song.

Anubis, Het-Heru, Mandulis,
Selkis, Sokar, Mut and Haroeris,
Gives us thirty-nine.
Imesty rising wasn’t quite as surprising
As a snake called Buto,
Or Bastet the feline. (That’s a pussy cat!)

Apis, Pepi and Harpocrates,
Knosu, Temu, what a lot of these gods,
The list is long.
Uatchet and Hu
Not forgetting Atum too
In the old god, Egyptian counting song.
Old god counting song!

Tut Tut