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Welcome to 4S Rowling Class!


Welcome back to a new school year! The children have all settled in very well and I am already enjoying working with them! Our class is named after JK Rowling, the author of the very famous Harry Potter series! Our current class story is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the first book in the series. The children are enjoying listening to it!

I'm sure your child has told you about the book corner competition! 4S came in 3rd place - Not bad! Have a look here!





The Storytellers

Osiri...King of the Dead

Tut Tut

Autumn Curriculum Leaflet

American Football Coaching

4S has been lucky enough to get some American Football training! Take a look at the photos below!


American Football Coaching

5P's Invasion


We were not very happy when 5P invaded and settled in our classroom - they completely took over! They took our seats and our resources so we were left to manage the best we could... We have begun to understand how the British may have felt when the Anglo-Saxons invaded and settled here!

States of Matter


What is a solid? What is a liquid? What is a gas?

We've been learning about states of matter.

We mixed corn flour with water. Was the resulting mixture a solid or liquid?

Try it at home and discuss!

Corn Flour Experiment

Black History Month


It is October! To launch Black History Month this year, Alim Kamara came to visit us again to tell us some stories!

Last year during BHM, we learnt about the Windrush. This year, we will be learning about the Benin Empire!

What can you find out at home?

4S had a lovely day at Horniman Museum on Wednesday 18th October 2017.


We got to see lots of interesting artefacts from the Benin Empire to reinforce our learning and the museum staff were very impressed with our previous knowledge!

4S Learning Together

Thank you to all those parents who attended our first learning together session for this year!

We were learning to use the chunking method to divide and holiday homework has been set on this!

4S Learning Together

The Pupils Become the Teachers!

I am so proud of the children in 4S who have completed their Black History unit of work with group presentations.

Each group had a different aspect of the Benin Empire to research and then create a PowerPoint presentation!

This is the first time, for many of them, to research without adult support and, for nearly all children, the first time using PowerPoint!

They worked so well as teams and taught the other children in class lots about their area.

These included Benin schools, Benin warriors, Entertainment, Work &Trade and the decline of the Empire. 

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and appreciated the difficulties that teachers face everyday!


We were trying to find out what happens to water when you heat it!

Does it continue to get hotter and hotter?

We were surprised that it didn't!

When cooking your potatoes, remember to turn down the heat when the water begins boiling!

Boiling Experiment


Place a small bowl inside a large bowl.

Half fill the large bowl with hot water (the small bowl should be empty).

Cover the large bowl with cling film and place ice on top.


When you lift the cling film off, you will see water in the small bowl.

How did it get there?

Condensation Experiment

Anglo-Saxon Homes

Well done to all those children who completed their half-term holiday homework to make a model Anglo-Saxon home!

The models look fabulous! It is clear that the children went to a lot of effort! I am very impressed!

Anglo-Saxon Models

It's Science Week!

For Science week, Miss Davis arranged a visit to the planetarium!

We learnt lots about space!

We are going to plan an investigation about rockets.

What affects how far a rocket travels?

To get some inspiration, we had some fun....

What affects how far a rocket travels: the number of fins, the size of the body or the shape of the nose?

To find out, we needed to plan a fair test and then build our rockets!

Building our Rockets


4S Learning Together

Thank you to all those parents who attended our 'learning together' session today!

We were learning how to find fractions of quantities and also how to add and subtract fractions!

Weekend homework has been set on this.

The lesson reinforced the importance of learning the times tables.

Please encourage your children to do so!

Children or Archaeologists?

The children in 4S became archaeologists today as they investigated the mysterious burial site found at Sutton Hoo.

They used their history skills to predict who was buried in the Anglo-Saxon grave.


4S Become Archaeologists!

Bread & Healthy Eating

Warburton's came into school to teach us about bread and healthy eating! 

We all made healthy but delicious sandwiches!

Anglo-Saxon Chariots

4S have been looking at Anglo-Saxon chariots! We looked at videos and pictures and then built our own using lego!

Then we tested them to see if they fulfil their purpose.

Anglo-Saxon Chariots

After that, we made some cardboard prototypes!

We then went on to make them using wood!

We were very safe when sawing the wood.

Anglo-Saxon Fabulous Finish

We have come to the end of our Anglo-Saxon unit of work!

Together in school, and at home, the children have learnt so much!

We have completed our unit with a wonderful 3D display which includes our: Anglo-Saxon homes, Anglo-Saxon ships, Anglo-Saxon chariots and stories about Basil Brown and his discovery.

Take a look at the pictures below!

Visit to Kew Gardens


Year 4 visited Kew Gardens on Friday! Although it was a long journey and a cold day, we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit and didn't want to leave! There was still so much more to see! 

We explored and learnt so much! This was a great start to our rainforests unit of work!

Parents, if you get time, please take your children back!


Science, Computing & Branching Databases


The children in 4S have been learning all about branching databases to organise and identify different items in a category.

We used Purple Mash to create a branching database of living things on the computer!

Have another go at home!

Alternatively, click on the link below!


Characters' Actions & Motives

We have been exploring the motives behind different characters' actions in the play, The Fly and the Fool.

As groups, we discussed a particular character and found evidence to support our findings.

Then an envoy from each group, passed on the information to other groups!

Mr Lo on Trial

Mr Lo, a character in The Fly and the Fool, was put on trial for overcharging immensely for loans, deceitful behaviour and lying in court. Miss Shah was the judge and we were the thoughts inside Mr Lo's mind! 

We all got a little animated when trying to justify our behaviour!

Conscience Alley

Mr Lo's conscience was giving him mixed messages!

Conscience Alley

Learning Together 3

Thank you to those parents who were able to join us for our 3rd learning together session!

This time, we looked at punctuation! It is important for all children in Year 4 to be able to use capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, apostrophes and inverted commas accurately!

Half term homework will consolidate learning.

It's Book Week!

The children enjoyed reading in our new outdoor reading area!

We're Going on a Bug Hunt!

As part of our Science unit, Living Things, we went on a bug hunt!

We took our bugs back to class and identified them using branching databases!

Take a look at the pictures below!

How Do We Make Moral Choices?

This term, in RE, we have been reading, listening to and even acting out stories from different religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism! We have found morals in each story, discussing how to lead a 'good' life.

We have realised that many different religions teach their followers similar things! 

Last lesson, we discussed and debated some different moral dilemmas, using these teachings to influence our decisions.

We completed the lesson with conscious alley: You see your best friend cheating in the maths test. Do you tell the teacher? 

Take a look at the pictures below!

4S's Class Visit to Warner Brothers Studios

As I'm sure you're all aware, the children in 4S have been looking forward to their visit to the WB studios, as part of their work on JK Rowling and Harry Potter, for many months!

We had a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Take a look at the photos below...

Royal Wedding Celebrations

We celebrated Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's wedding with maypole dancing, cupcakes and juice!

Did you watch the wedding on TV?

Did you see Reverend Rose, who visited our school a few years ago during Black History Month, speak at the service?