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SCIENCE - Power it up

Cross country at Bruce Castle Park

The Boy King

The Storytellers

Tut Tut

Rainforests at Kew Gardens

To introduce our new geography topic, we went to Kew Gardens to learn about rainforests. In our workshop, we learnt how to survive in the rainforest, as Ms Loveday showed us: what we can eat, medicines to help us get better and how to build a shelter from various plants. After our workshop, we explored what else Kew Gardens had to offer, including the treetop walk and the cactus gardens



In the second last week of school, we had Warburtons come to Bruce Grove to teach us about healthy eating, bread and sandwich making. 

Here is us hard at work!!


Sutton WHO????


Last week, we had to help Basil Brown discover the mysterious of the Sutton Hoo grave. 

After studying the different artefacts we came to the decision that the person buried there must have either been a king or a powerful theign.


The Horniman Museum.

In the last week of the first half term we went to the Horniman Museum to learn more about the Benin Empire.

We looked at artefacts and we learnt about the Lost Wax Process.

We really enjoyed ourselves.




Welcome to 4L!


Welcome to another school year. We have started the year well and will hopefully continue with this positive attitude.


As I hope your children have told you, we won the award for the best book corner! As a result, we now get to choose a selection of new books to add to our class library. So have a think about what your favourite books are and maybe we can add them.


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