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4D- Euston

Welcome to 4D


Class teacher - Miss Pernella Davis

Teaching Assistant - Miss Sanja Todd



Welcome to 4D.  Our class is named after the Underground station, Euston, which is the eighth stop on the Victoria line.  We have learnt that before Euston Underground station was opened in 1968 there was a railway station.  This was planned by George and Robert Stephenson, father and son, and was the first intercity railway linking London and Birmingham.  If you visit Euston Station you will see a statue of Robert Stephenson.





Termly Pamphlets

4D Summer term leaflet

Recommended Reading List for Year 4

Some useful links are added below.

Black History Month

                                         How Does Your Garden Grow?


In science we have been looking closely at plants.  We have been naming their parts, looking at their function and conditions for growth.

Identifying Parts of a Flowering plant

We investigated which condition is best for a plant to suck water up its stem over time. It happened quicker than we expected. Can you see the changes?

The Rainforest

We have been learning all about the rainforest for our Geography topic. 

We were inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau to create some rainforest pictures of our own using collage.



Exploring shades of blue and green for the background of our collages.

We also looked at  Frida Kahlo's Self portrait with Monkey which inspired us to make clay monkeys.


Making Our Clay Monkeys



We have been working hard practicing to play our instruments.  Our last concert had good reviews. The next should be even better so don't miss it.  Keep a look out for more information.

Year 4 (and Year 5 continuers ) Instrument Concert

Our Spring concert is also approaching so practice these songs below.


Men In Tights

Singing All Over The World