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Welcome to 1A - Michael Rosen' s Class!

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Our class is named after author Michael Rosen.


Michael Rosen was born on the 7th of May 1946 in Middlesex. He is an English children's writer and poet. The author of 140 books. Our favourite book of his is 'We're going on a bear hunt'. Our reading corner display shows this story. We also like his poems 'Chocolate cake' and 'No breathing in class'.


This year there is more structured learning than in Reception. To help with the transition, they will have 30 minutes playtime every afternoon, which they look forward to. 


Here is the 'News letter' which outlines what we will be learning this Autumn term:


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Spring Term Science Topic


We have been learning about the Polar Regions

Not all deserts are hot. The areas around the North and South Poles are deserts too. They are freezing cold all year round. The Antarctic- The land around the South Pole is called the Antarctic. Few plants and animals live there because it is always covered with ice and snow. The animals find their food in the sea. The most common Antarctic birds are Penguins. They feed on fish and krill.

The only people who live on Antarctica are Scientists.

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